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     "The Ethereal Mother "
Sometimes a Mothers love knows no boundaries, even death!!
See additional "Notes from Theresa" below.

43 Minutes

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The Ethereal Mother

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The Ethereal Mother  released 2008

     This was our first movie completed as Legacy Films Ltd. It was filmed entirely in Western North Carolina.
Most of the footage had been shot about ten years earlier. We needed a newborn baby for this movie and when I knew I would soon have a new grandaughter, I rushed this script into Development.
     The story The Woman in Black was borrowed (with her blessing) from the book Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia by Nancy Roberts.
     It's the story of a young mother who crosses between dimensions to save her newborn child. It had such a powerful message and literaly haunted me (in a good way) for several years. I knew that one day I would like to make it into a short movie.
    For me, filming this piece was pure delight. In addition to having the satisfaction of actually filming this amazing story, I knew that each time I saw it I would be flooded with memories of my beautiful grandaughter.
    Although, we had no real budget for this film, I am extremely proud of it. I could never have afforded the Money Shot given to us in the form of a spontaneous snow shower exactly where I would have ordered it!!!    Divine Intervention??

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